After 14 years in a marketing Department, I decided to evoluate and create a company in harmony with my social and environmental values. Passsionated by fashion and artistic profession and after positive feedbacks from the people around me, I decided to launch my company. I started in November 2015 selling my creations on markets and exhibitions on Lyon to be close to my customers. To sell on markets is very educative. I am involved in sustainable development since many years, the respect of nature is important but respect of people as well. I take care about the origin of my material, I have a partnership with a local historic brand of wool named Plassard who propose high quality wool made in France and Europe. I decided to learn to spin wool during a training in west of France in school of wool in may 2017, my next step is to produce my own wool and to propose wool of local farmers. I am very interested in wool process and actors.

Concerning my fabrics, they come from charitative association, my money is used to help people and there is no new production of fabric, recycling is natural for me, it is a real eco-friendly thinking. With my creation I produce in my workshop near Lyon, I wish to show that we can conciliate fashion, ethic and price. I want to explain to people my values and show that handmade is not so expensive than they think and that we can consum differently. With Sophie Luna Creations, you don’t buy only a product but you live a pleasant human experience.